Manage Portfolios at Scale with the Right Technology with Brian Bleasdell

02.14.22 | Brian Bleasdell, Chief Product Officer, Flyer FT

Brian Bleasdell is the Chief Product Officer at Flyer Financial Technologies. FlyerFT develops advanced technology for managing complex, multi–asset, institutional securities trading using highly scalable software and network technologies.

Doug Heikkinen and Brian sat down at the FSI OneVoice Summit and talked about what FlyerFT actually does that makes them unique in the industry. They also discuss:

  • Why they changed the name from FIX Flyer
  • The end-to-end process the platform addresses
  • The FlyerFT features that enable advisors to scale up and/or implement unique workflows
  • Real-life examples of how advisors use FlyerFT
  • What is coming next for FlyerFT and what is driving that roadmap

To watch the full podcast, click here.

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