UX Wealth Partners Case Study

UX Wealth Partners Finds Scalable Growth with Flyer

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About UX Wealth Partners

Founded in 2020 , UX Wealth Partners is the premier turnkey asset management platform (TAMP) built on a foundation of machine learning software and artificial intelligence technology. By streamlining operational workflows and challenging the status quo, UX Wealth Partners is proud to offer a modernized experience for RIAs and financial advisors looking to stand out in a competitive market and drive sustainable business growth.

Background: As the Head of Trading at UX Wealth Partners (and a seasoned trader himself), Billy Kropp had a bird’s-eye view of his team’s operations as they executed and managed trades on behalf of clients. And while their tech-fueled approach delivered consistent flexibility, support and precision to clients, Kropp knew their operational stack would need an overhaul if they wanted to continue to scale and serve even more advisors with increasingly sophisticated and personalized solutions. With that in mind, UX Wealth Partners began a search for a robust trading technology partner that could replace their bootstrapped processes, shorten turnaround times and grow with their TAMP’s evolving needs.

“Our clients know that we have a stellar order management system that allows us to consistently execute across their entire book of business at a moment’s notice – and they are very appreciative of that.”

Billy Kropp

Head of Trading at UX Wealth Partners

Growth & Impact

$300 million in AUM to nearly

$2 Billion in AUM since 2020 launch

Hours-long pre- and post-trade tasks are now accomplished in under

15 Minutes

An All-in-One Solution at Scale

Sustainable Growth with Streamlined Processes

flyer ft ux wealth case study

Trading Timelines

UX Wealth Partners was drawn to Flyer’s suite of cloud-based solutions, including:

  • Co-Pilot, which allows users to multi-asset, end-to-end trade order management lifecycle
  • Flyer Trading Network (FTN) , an advanced order routing and allocation network that standardizes connectivity and workflows with custodians and brokers
  • FIX Enterprise Software , which offers integrations, development kits, APIs and support to your team.

All three of these building blocks work together to power connectivity, portfolio trading and post-trade notifications for leading financial services providers. Since switching to Flyer, UX Wealth Partners has seen their time-to-market decrease drastically.

“We’re executing in under a minute – under a second in certain circumstances for our held order flow – versus a substantial amount of time that it may have taken us previously,” Kropp explains.

That quicker turnaround time, in conjunction with UX Wealth Partner’s artificial intelligence and machine learning technology, has put an end to time-restricted rebalancing. Whether it’s nine o’ clock on a Monday morning or four o’clock on a Wednesday afternoon, their team is able to go out to the street and execute.

Kropp also notes that the implementation period for Flyer transcended their expectations, facilitating streamlined operations, easy communication and a quick start-up time of only 6 weeks.

“Flyer has allowed us to scale the business almost infinitely,” he says. ”As we continue to grow, instead of throwing bodies at problems, we’d rather invest in quality technology that allows us to be more efficient and stay lean.”

UX Wealth Partners is continuing to scale their organization and offer improved services with Flyer – the latest of which was announced in October of 2023: a new offering that requires a certain held order flow to be executed almost instantaneously.

“We’re at an execution speed that’s sub-second for that line of business,” Kropp says. “We’re really excited about that, and Flyer played a big role in that we leverage Flyer’s APIs to be able to route and execute those orders based upon different rules and parameters that we have built into our backend system.”

With scalable technology and ever-improving services, Flyer and UX Wealth Partners will continue to partner as premier providers within the wealth management space.

The FlyerFT Effect

UX Wealth Partners Found the Following Benefits with Flyer:

  • Enhanced operational ability
  • Rapid time-to-market
  • Scalability (without the cost of unnecessary personnel)
  • Helped increase AUM from $300 million to nearly $2 billion
  • Dedicated and responsive service team
  • Quick implementation in just 6 weeks

We’re going to continue growing with Flyer to deliver the best experience to our clients, create better outcomes and challenge the status quo.

Billy Kropp

Head of Trading at UX Wealth Partners