01.13.22 | Rusty Sommer, Flyer FT

“Technology should enable you to do what you need to do and want to do, and really deliver investments to people at their level and at a point that makes sense. That’s where Flyer comes in, because we give people an opportunity to manage their portfolios at scale to really deliver on what they have talked to their clients about and agreed to and say, ‘This is what your investment portfolio should look like.’ Tools need to provide that functionality and access to advisors to meet the needs of their clients or their clients. Our investment strategy performance comes in a couple of different flavors. It’s just not ‘Did you beat the index?’ That’s part of it. Part of it also is operational performance, and can you deliver on what you need to deliver on in a way that you can meet the needs of your client and of your business too.

You’ve got to have a workflow, you’ve got to solve operationally for the things that impact your clients and the performance of what you’re able to deliver them. So when the market moves, when your clients say, ‘I need money, or I need to change my investment makeup’, you need to be able to respond to that in a way that not only is scalable, but it’s meaningful and it makes sense.”

Watch the full interview here.

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