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We need to get comfortable with the fact that making tangible change in an established industry is painful and slow.

11.06.20 | Kirsten Plonner of Ficomm in ThinkAdvisor

One year ago, Ken Fisher sent the wealth management industry into a tizzy when he made inappropriate comments about women at a Tiburon Strategic Advisors conference in San Francisco.

The flood gates opened and an industry-wide movement ignited about how women are treated in business, and the general lack of equality and diversity. The message was clear: Enough is enough.

However, when we take a look at tangible change between now and then, we have to face facts: not much has changed. There remains a genuine interest to diversify wealth management with not only female talent, but talent of all shades and sizes.

But in reality, it’s a lot of talk without much walk. And that’s not getting us anywhere fast.

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