Engine 8

Engine 8

Flyer FIX Engine Version 8 is the latest release of Flyer’s market leading FIX engine. This release supports both Oracle and OpenJDK version 11 and provides flexible licensing support for Java applications. Using Engine 8 customers can deploy hot/hot and GRID-based solutions to provide scalability and unparalleled high availability.

Design Goals :


  • Integrate traditional FIX messaging with latest generation of computing and data platforms
  • Support advanced solutions that leverage popular platforms and services
  • Control costs with OpenJDK support
  • Stability and security




Java 11 Support

  • Long Term Support LTS version supported through 2023
  • Certified on both Oracle and OpenJDK versions
  • Free licensing model support via OpenJDK – Oracle JVM now requires an expensive license for production usage. OpenJDK is free.


  • SSL and cryptographically secure passwords for remote CLI access
  • Libraries upgraded and address outstanding CVE vulnerabilities
  • TLS v1.2 support


  • 15+ years in production
  • Fully automated regression leveraging thousands of test cases and scenarios

Modern Platforms:

  • Deliver FIX data as JSON, leveraging streaming WebSocket support
  • Reference Implementations
    • Apache Ignite In-memory datagrid
    • Redis key-value message store
    • ActiveMQ Middleware In-process Adapter

Advanced Deployment Models :

Model FIX Session Ownership FIX Data Replication
  • Single instance owns the Session
  • Flyer Replication Protocol
  • Cluster Aware
  • In-memory data grid
  • Any instance can own the session
  • Flyer Replication Protocol
  • Cluster Aware
  • In-memory data grid
  • Any instance can own the session
  • In-memory data grid
    • Apache Ignite
    • Redis
    • Hazelcast