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Unlocking the Power of APIs: Building Scalable Ecosystems in Wealth and Asset Management with Randy Prager (Ep. 9)

By Mark Bevington


In this episode of In The Money podcast, we are joined by the CTO of Flyer Financial Technologies, Randy Prager. Join us as we dive into the API economy and learn how APIs are transforming the Wealthtech sector, along with how forward-thinking firms are leveraging APIs to build their own specialized ecosystem within the wealth and asset management industries.

Flyer Financial Technologies, known for the FinTech solutions that you love and use every day, has embraced an API-based approach that allows them to extend their multi-million dollar investments in trading networks, order management systems (OMS), and allocation platforms to a broader audience. Taking an API approach allows firms of all sizes to tap into Flyer’s expertise. Once tapped in, you focus on what you do best while leveraging the connectivity and trading capabilities provided by Flyer’s APIs.

Listen in as Randy and Rusty, CAIA, CFTA, Head of Strategic Partnerships, Flyer Financial Technologies discuss:

    • Helping advisors and asset managers understand how technology is transforming the Wealthtech sector
    • How firms are implementing APIs to customize their client journey
    • How to leverage technology for faster, smarter investment decisions
    • Security and Compliance: Security, data protection and regulatory compliance are essential considerations in API design and deployment. Flyer ensures that its APIs are designed and implemented in a way that is fully compliant with regulatory standards
    • Why APIs allow you to focus on your strengths while leveraging Flyer’s expertise
    • How the utilization of APIs has exceeded expectations and provided value to customers and partners
    • And more!

Connect with Randy Prager:
LinkedIn: Randy Prager
Twitter: @RandyPrager
Flyer Financial Technologies
LinkedIn: Flyer Financial Technologies
Twitter: Flyer_FT

Connect with Rusty Sommer:
LinkedIn: Rusty Sommer
Twitter: @RustySommer
Flyer Financial Technologies
LinkedIn: Flyer Financial Technologies
Twitter: Flyer_FT

About our Guest:

Randy Prager has spent his career delivering technology solutions to the financial services market, specifically in capital markets and trading. Before Flyer, Randy led software development and technology teams at both startup and big companies, including JPMorgan, MarketXT and Bloomberg. A graduate of Johns Hopkins University, he holds a double major in Economics and Electrical & Computer Engineering.