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The Winning Shot: Sports Wisdom in Wealth Tech (Ep. 13)

By Rusty Sommer


How does the high-stakes world of sports mirror the world of financial technology and asset management?

Discover this and more in the latest episode of ‘In the Money,’ sponsored by Flyer Financial Technologies. Host Rusty Sommer welcomes Steve Lewczyk, Managing Director for Business Development at Flyer. With an impressive three-decade career in financial technology and services, Steve discusses leveraging technology for competitive advantage and innovating for the future of finance.

Key Highlights:

  • From Veteran to Visionary: Steve shares his journey in finance, emphasizing his diverse experience and innovative tech approach
  • Parallel Playbooks: Explore the similarities between sports, particularly basketball, and finance, highlighting teamwork and strategy
  • Tech-Driven Transformation: Discover how technology revolutionized asset management
  • Overcoming Market Hurdles: Learn how adapting sports strategies can inform financial market navigation
  • AI: Uncover AI’s impactful role in finance, its applications, and the need for reliable data
  • Revolutionizing Trading: See how a unified tech system can boost trader efficiency
  • Embracing Change: Understand the necessity of adaptability and innovation in finance, with lessons from asset management and sports strategy
  • Plus, many more insights!

Connect with Steve Lewczyk:

LinkedIn: Steve Lewczyk

Connect with Rusty Sommer: 
LinkedIn: Rusty Sommer
Twitter: @RustySommer
Flyer Financial Technologies
LinkedIn: Flyer Financial Technologies
Twitter: Flyer_FT

About Steve Lewczyk:

Steve is a leader in buy side technology, wealth management systems, trading platforms, and data management solutions. With over 25 years experience at leading fin tech and securities firms, Steve has worked at Fidelity Investments, Advent Software (SSNC), Envestnet and co-founded Nirvana Solutions. Steve’s expertise is in building and scaling successful sales organizations.

In his role at Flyer, Steve is focused on buy side asset managers that require solutions that allow for integration, ease, scale and future proofing operations.