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Tech-Savvy Wealth Management: Adapting to Industry Changes

By Rusty Sommer


Can technology bridge the gap for smaller wealth management firms in a competitive market?

Join Flyer’s own Rusty Sommer and special guest Chuck Fialla from Sovereign Financial in this insightful episode of ‘In the Money,’ where they explore the pivotal role of technology in transforming small and mid-sized wealth management firms. Understanding the role of portfolio management and trading technology / automation allowed his firm to serve more clients successfully. With his rich background in financial planning and asset management, Chuck details his journey from a humble beginning as a cold caller to leading the successful RIA, Sovereign Financial.

Key Highlights:

  • Journey to Success: Trace Chuck’s evolution in finance, from cold caller to an advocate for the RIA space, and his contributions to Investment News and Go RIA
  • Smaller Firms, Bigger Challenges: Dive into the specific challenges small to mid-sized firms face in asset and wealth management, including resource allocation and competition
  • Tech Alignment with Mission: Understand the importance of aligning technology with a firm’s core mission, including Chuck’s experiences and the value of setting clear goals
  • Data Management Excellence: Gain insights into the critical role of a ‘single source of truth’ for scaling businesses effectively in wealth management while leveraging the API economy and real time position stores
  • Customized Portfolio Design: Discover how Sovereign Financial uses portfolio management technology to create tailored portfolios for each client
  • From Manual to Tech-Driven: Explore the transition from traditional methods to advanced technological solutions to drive organic growth, and the challenges involved in this transformation
  • Building Lasting Relationships: Realize the importance of accurate data and nurturing relationships with clients and their families for future generations
  • And much more!

Connect with Charles “Chuck” Failla, CFP®:

LinkedIn: Charles “Chuck” Failla, CFP®
Website: Sovereign Financial Group

Connect with Rusty Sommer: 
LinkedIn: Rusty Sommer
Twitter: @RustySommer
Flyer Financial Technologies
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About Charles “Chuck” Failla, CFP®:

Chuck understands the importance of working as a Fiduciary and uses those standards to oversees the financial planning and investment management work done at Sovereign Financial.

As a Board Certified Financial Planning™ practitioner, Chuck understands that shepherding a client’s financial and retirement plan requires more than simply “picking investments”. Instead, he applies his experience as a CFP® professional to coordinate all aspects of a client’s financial picture: goals, investments, taxes, liabilities, and estate / legacy planning. By following this disciplined approach, he is able to ensure all aspects of a client’s financial and estate planning needs are properly coordinated and continuously monitored.

In addition to working with clients, Chuck is a regular speaker and commentator on financial topics and has been featured in Forbes, The New York Daily News, Reuters, CBS Market Watch and numerous other media outlets. Chuck is also committed to the financial planning community and advancing the cause of financial literacy. To that end, he currently serves on the Board of Directors for the Financial Planning Association of Connecticut as the Chairperson of their Pro Bono / Public Outreach Committee. Chuck is also active in the National Financial Planning Association, American Mensa and other non-profits in the CT & NYC Metro area.

Chuck received his degree in Finance from The University of Connecticut and completed his coursework for the CFP® certification with The American College. He resides in North Stamford, CT with his wife, two children and their Black Lab and cats. In his spare time, Chuck enjoys all things outdoors — on the weekends you will find him with his family hiking, camping, skiing, boating or just enjoying the trees while grilling in the backyard.