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Tackling Technology Challenges Through Third-Party Integrations with Kartik Srinivasan (Ep.2)

By Mark Bevington


Whether it’s client onboarding or the ability to move and trade money easily, having the right technology integration partners can be beneficial to a business and its clients.

This week, Kartik Srinivasan, Director – Head of Third Party Integrations, Digital Advisor Solutions, at Schwab Advisor Services, explains how technology has evolved over the years. He takes a deep dive into the challenges and opportunities RIAs face when building their tech stack.

Kartik discusses:

  • The challenges RIAs face when building their tech stack
  • Why the industry should adopt the “Amazon Effect” when it comes to personalization
  • The importance of digital workflows
  • The future of third party integrations
  • And more!


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Connect with Kartik Srinivasan:

LinkedIn: Kartik Srinivasan
LinkedIn: Schwab Advisor Services
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About our Guest:

Kartik Srinivasan is Head of Third Party Integrations, Digital Advisor Solutions, Schwab Advisor Services. He brings more than 15 years of experience in wealth and asset management and has demonstrated expertise in financial advisor technology including portfolio management, CRM and financial planning. Kartik is responsible for strategy, product management, relationship management and support for Schwab’s third-party integration offerings which include APIs, SSO, Trading, Data Delivery and Salesforce. Kartik is passionate about working with the third-party fintech community and helping independent advisors grow their firms and serve their clients by leveraging the right tech stacks and workflows for their business.

Kartik previously worked at Morningstar where he spent time in various product-specific roles and moved into a partnerships and integrations-focused role. Kartik holds a Master of Business Administration in Economics, Entrepreneurship and Strategic Management from The University of Chicago Booth School of Business and a Bachelor of Business Administration in Finance and Economics from the Wisconsin School of Business at the University of Wisconsin-Madison.