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Making a Case for an API-Connected Ecosystem with Craig Iskowitz (Ep.4)

By Mark Bevington

APIs (Application Programming Interface) have improved the workflow of businesses in many industries by bridging the gap between different software and allowing them to communicate with each other. When it comes to the wealth management industry, accurate, timely, and seamless data exchange is table stakes. So, what does an API-enabled future look like?

In this episode, Craig Iskowitz, CEO and founder of Ezra Group, discusses:

  • What is an API
  • How APIs have transformed the wealth management industry
  • Why it is important to have more transparent and well-designed APIs
  • How to ensure platform security while using APIs
  • Things to consider when evaluating a vendor’s API stack
  • And more!


Wealth Tech Today Podcast with Craig Iskowitz

Connect with Craig Iskowitz:

LinkedIn: Craig Iskowitz
LinkedIn: Ezra Group, LLC
Ezra Group LLC
Twitter: Craig Iskowitz

About Our Guest:

Craig Iskowitz is a business and technology strategy consultant who is a recognized expert on fee-based advisory platforms and wealth management technology. He is the CEO and founder of Ezra Group, a strategy consulting firm providing technology and business advice to banks, broker-dealers, asset managers, and private equity and fintech firms.

In addition to providing customized solutions to the wealth management industry, Craig publishes WTToday, a blog offering the latest insight on technology for wealth, asset, and investment management professionals.

Craig is also the host of the Wealth Tech Today podcast, where he discusses, dissects, and debates the latest news and trends in wealth management technology.