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Integrating Options in High Net Worth Portfolios

By NineDot Development


Join Rusty Sommer from Flyer Financial Technologies and Brett Kunshek of Mariner Wealth Advisors in this episode as they dive into the nuanced world of options.  They cast away myths about its risks and highlight its potential, especially for high net worth clients. Discover how the wealthy use options as sophisticated financial instruments.

Key points covered in the episode:

  • How wealth advisors are redefining their approach to derivatives
  • Why option strategies are the new buzz in today’s turbulent market
  • How to integrate technology that maximizes options strategies
  • Discover who stands to gain the most from options-based strategies
  • The art and science of asset managers striking that golden balance
  • The secret sauce behind captivating today’s informed clients and attracting fresh ones
  • Unveiling how options can uplift your cash flow, fortify assets, and supercharge returns
  • And more – take a peek inside!

Connect with Brett Kunshek:
LinkedIn: Brett Kunshek, CFA
LinkedIn: Mariner Wealth Advisors

Connect with Rusty Sommer:
LinkedIn: Rusty Sommer
Twitter: @RustySommer
Flyer Financial Technologies
LinkedIn: Flyer Financial Technologies
Twitter: Flyer_FT

About our Guest:

Brett Kunshek, CFA, leads the Options and Structured Notes division at Mariner Wealth Advisors. Before Mariner, he was at the helm of 440 Investment Group, a firm specialized in option investments, which Mariner later acquired. Brett has a history in risk management from his time at Protiviti and holds degrees from Pittsburg State University and the University of Kansas. He’s also an active member of both the CFA Institute and the Kansas City Society of Financial Analysts, blending hands-on practice with theoretical knowledge in finance.