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Innovation Unleashed: Wealth Tech’s New Era (Ep. 11)

By Rusty Sommer


Is technology fundamentally transforming the wealth tech industry?

Discover the groundbreaking insights with Rusty Sommer and special guest Verity Larsen from Versoft Consulting in a riveting episode of “In the Money,” presented by Flyer Financial Technologies. With over two decades in the field, Verity guides us through the evolving landscape of investment technology, cautioning against a one-size-fits-all approach.

Are you ready for the change?

Key Highlights:

  • Dive into the complexities and wide-ranging impacts of the T+1 settlement shift on operations and client relationships
  • Learn vital strategies for integrating AI effectively in finance, emphasizing the critical role of precise data
  • Explore the increasingly crucial role of portfolio management systems amidst rapid technological advancements
  • How secure is your data? Unravel the surprising privacy and security issues arising from AI tools in finance
  • Discover the increasingly important role of compliance officers in the safe implementation of AI
  • Find out why data management and CRM systems are now at the heart of client engagement for broker-dealers
  • And much more!


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About Verity Larsen:

[From: Verity Larsen – Versoft Consulting]

Verity is Versoft’s heart and soul. She co-founded the company in 2015 after spending 7.5 years as Team Lead and Senior Consultant at SS&C Advent. Prior to entering the consulting field, she worked as Assistant Director of Information Systems at a Portland-based asset management firm and has been in the investment management industry since 2000.

Verity graduated with an A.A.S. in Computer Information Systems from Portland Community College. She also spent 3 years on the Board of Directors for The Exchange Network (formerly Advent Users Group) serving as VP and President in her 2nd and 3rd years.

She’s committed to providing an exceptional consultative approach to every client and ensuring the work performed by the Versoft Team results in the highest level of customer satisfaction. Verity works to continue training and education throughout the Versoft team, passing on the knowledge she has gained being in this industry for so many years.  She also spends time building and maintaining relationships with vendors so the Versoft team can remain knowledgeable on technology platforms and tools, IT hosting, and data and outsourced service providers.

When she’s not doing CEO/Principal Consultant/Co-Founder things, Verity likes to spend time with family, including seven nieces and nephews and two great-nephews, in multiple states around the U.S. On rare occasions, she’ll hike around the Oregon Coast, Central Oregon, and other places throughout the Pacific Northwest.