UX Wealth Partners: Integration with FlyerFT Delivers Critical Practice Management Efficiencies

UX Wealth Partners: Integration with FlyerFT Delivers Critical Practice Management Efficiencies

By Brian Ross, CEO, Flyer

UX Wealth Partners (“UX Wealth”) today announced a custom integration with Flyer Financial Technologies’ (“FlyerFT”) Co-Pilot, enabling UX Wealth to execute investment strategies faster and with better price execution. Advisors using UX Wealth are now seamlessly utilizing FlyerFT’s Co-Pilot Investment Book of Record (IBOR) where positions are updated for every trade placed, providing real-time position quantities and valuation throughout the trading day.

Integrating FlyerFT With UX Wealth

UX Wealth’s AI-driven TAMP (Turnkey Asset Management Platform) provides financial advisors with a complete and simplified technology solution combined with exclusive access to investment managers who are experts in AI and machine learning. The integration with FlyerFT further bolsters the UX Wealth platform by providing access to all major RIA custodians, integrating trading directly into the advisor’s desktop, and offering investment products with advanced portfolio management and order management functionality.

“UX Wealth is built for today’s financial advisors who are unwilling to succumb to the pressures of the status quo; those who are looking for differentiators that deliver value to investors by not using the same technology, the same portfolios, and the same outcomes as the advisor down the street. The FlyerFT team embodies the same mindset to drive change and innovation,” said Kyle Wiggs, co-founder at UX Wealth Partners. “FlyerFT provides our platform with a wide range of market opportunities and the ability to efficiently trade across all custodians throughout the day as close to signal price as possible. We’re excited to form this partnership and further build out our platform and ecosystem of partners that provide RIAs with critical applications, centralized data sources, and up-to-date information.”

UX Wealth’s technology relies on unique AI learning algorithms and AI pattern matching to create dynamic portfolios for investors by combining the ability to identify near-future market states and leverage information that meets clients’ individual needs. UX Wealth customers are capitalizing on several recent introductions to FlyerFT’s cloud-based solutions such as multi-account customization and scalable workflows that allows UX to better control the trading experience and execute investment strategies faster.

“It is exciting to partner with an innovative firm like UX Wealth who appreciates and can leverage the scalability and efficiencies of Co-Pilot. Transforming what previously took many hours per day into mere minutes is what FlyerFT is all about,” added FlyerFT’s Chief Product Officer, Brian Bleasdell. “We are thrilled to partner with the UX Wealth team to accomplish massive scalability for their daily trading workflows, enabling them to grow their AUM by orders of magnitude, while dramatically reducing the time spent managing the trading process.”

The partnership wraps up a monumental year for UX Wealth that included integrations with data processor, aggregator, and account reconciliatory BridgeFT, as well as risk management provider StratiFi to help advisors better understand the factors that drive a portfolio’s performance by evaluating correlation, volatility, tail risk, and concentrated stock risk.

About UX Wealth Partners

UX Wealth Partners is a dedicated AI-driven TAMP for the RIA community that provides advisors with a complete and simplified technology solution and access to managers that are experts in various technology disciplines. They provide exclusivity to their advisor partners in their respective markets and brand the platform to each advisor they serve, a combination that has powered significant growth for their advisor partners. In addition, UX Wealth Partners has investment models exclusive only to UX Wealth Partners advisors. This advisor-focused offering contains models that produce results, technology that grows AUM, and enables advisors to focus on their clients and business. For more information about UX Wealth Partners, visit https://www.uxwp.com/.

About FlyerFT

Flyer Financial Technologies (FlyerFT) is a leading provider of portfolio trading tools, connectivity, and infrastructure for the wealth and asset management industries. FlyerFT automates the portfolio trade management lifecycle with Co-Pilot, an order management system, and the Flyer Trading Network, a multi-asset trading network, to ultimately help execute investment strategies faster. The platform unifies access to major custodians and brokers while providing intelligent Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs) and Application Programming Interface (APIs) for managing portfolios, positions, orders, trades, and allocations. For more information about the FlyerFT integration, visit https://flyerft.com/.