The FIX to our Rude Awakening

The FIX to our Rude Awakening

By Charles Kozler

Lack of Trading Infrastructure is a Wake Up Call to Advisors


The COVID-19 crisis is a rude awakening for the wealth management industry, painfully underscoring the need for rapid responses in how advisors do business. In a blink of an eye offices were closed, business continuity plans activated and advisors everywhere found themselves working from home. Almost overnight the world hit the pause button and economies began to contract.  Advisors saw unprecedented market volatility right as quarterly rebalancing approached. Many portfolios suffered. Some advisors’ clients needed cash and called frantically trying to sell while others saw an opportunity to buy more. While the world paused, the markets did not and COVID-19 showed us all that advisors must be able to pivot quickly, working from anywhere and ready on a moment’s notice to execute trades for the advantage of their clients.

Highly volatile periods see increased trade activity.  Executing trades efficiently and accurately can lead to significant savings for clients.  When the market is moving fast, the right tool helps the advisor trade quickly before the opportunity is gone.  The right tool minimizes manual processing, reduces trade errors, and is connected to all of your brokers and custodians.  This is exactly how trading with FIX helps you.

Advisors should audit their day-to-day trading workflow to see where it can be improved. Bringing a better trading platform into your advisory business gives you the freedom to trade seamlessly with multiple custodians, utilize block trades for better pricing and allocate your trades in a single click across all relevant accounts. With trading at an all time high, now you can be ready to execute your trades when it’s the right time for your clients.

FIX Flyer’s Co-Pilot order management system (OMS) easily aggregates client account orders into blocks rather than trading individual accounts one by one.  Mutual fund and equity trades are a single click away. With FIX-based trading, your orders are submitted instantly to your custodian or broker and automatically allocated in a blink of an eye across countless client accounts after execution. Flyer Trading Network, also provides an advanced order routing and allocation network which standardizes connectivity and workflows making it effortless to trade with all of the major custodians across all major asset classes.

Now you can ensure fair and equitable execution prices when the market is moving. Now you can trade your book of business quickly and efficiently from anywhere with less clicks and less errors.