Carson Group Podcast: Jamie Hopkins interview with Flyer CEO

Carson Group Podcast: Jamie Hopkins interview with Flyer CEO

By Jamie Hopkins

Brian is the CEO of Fix Flyer, a FinTech company that’s helping wealth managers work smarter.

Brian grew up in Southern California and played competitive sports up and through college. That athletic tradition has followed him and even now he’s an accomplished distance swimmer. He studied computer science as an undergrad and eventually worked on space telescopes before he moved to the east coast, where he earned his Master’s in computer science.

After earning his Master’s, he started at BlackRock when it was still a relatively small, boutique firm. While he was there, he built a bond analytics company that did well and eventually sold. Through all of it he continued to absorb all he could about building businesses that worked on a recurring revenue model. He eventually left BlackRock to start what is now Fix Flyer.

Brian talks with Jamie about how he got his company started, why technology is important for the investing industry, what’s next for RIAs, and more.

“You have to know that your trades are going to get done. They’re going to get done quick. You need to know that your investment strategy is going to be rolled into the market incredibly fast. Shouldn’t be in long delay there because the opportunity cost is evaporating. A price can go from 99 to 100 in an instant. And if you’re busy uploading files or rebalancing massive portfolios and trying to create these block trades, the market could have moved, especially in these days.” ~ @bwilsonross

Main Takeaways:

  1. Given all the volatility in the market, stable infrastructure is critical in today’s investment strategy world.
  2. Opportunity costs are crucial. If you’re spending time getting things plugged in, your money might be evaporating.
  3. We need more options and tools to hedge against volatility that doesn’t currently exist.
  4. Being more agile and attentive to customers in the beginning can set the foundation for strong relationships and partnerships in the long-term.

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