Maximize Your Firm’s Growth in 2023 with Investment Portfolio Management Software

Maximize Your Firm’s Growth in 2023 with Investment Portfolio Management Software

By Mark Bevington

Many wealth management firms are feeling double the pressure this year with a cloud of recession looming: They need to prioritize growth while also delivering an unrivaled digital experience to their clients.

One way to keep growth front and center and deliver on the promise of a great customer experience (CX) is to focus on your advisors. By improving your advisor experience – including the technology your advisors use – you create a chain reaction benefitting all the other elements in your firm.

If your firm takes care of investment management in-house, the best place to start is your investment portfolio management software. While the industry largely prioritizes financial planning, investment management remains a core skill that makes the suggestions in financial plans happen.

With 78% of firms indicating they want to increase their technology resources over the next two years, it’s more important than ever to keep your eye on what kind of tech can help you enable better advisor and client experiences.

The answer lies in investment portfolio management software, which can efficiently and effectively help your firm tackle advisor experience, portfolio construction, and keep your data clean across your tech stack – with the bonus of cost-effective implementation.

What Is Investment Portfolio Management Software?

Investment portfolio management software is essentially a centralized hub for investment professionals, offering a range of features and functions, including:

  • Portfolio construction
  • Cash management
  • Ongoing portfolio monitoring and analysis
  • Trade execution
  • Compliance management
  • Reporting

These programs digitize end-to-end investment workflows for both asset managers and advisors. In many cases, Investment portfolio management software offers a connection point between firms and custodians via API with additional connectivity options being available also.

Investment portfolio management software allows advisors to manage all aspects of their client investments in a single, secure space. With fewer systems, firms increase operational performance and create consistently efficient workflows for clients.

With the increased capacity Investment portfolio management software delivers, firms can also add more service offerings to their clients, such as income generating or risk mitigating options strategies. It’s a win-win-win for advisors, clients and the firm.

Why Investment Portfolio Management Software is Necessary

Investment management is critical for all firms, even those that prioritize financial planning as their core value prop.

That’s because Investment portfolio management software delivers a wide range of benefits to financial institutions, including cost efficiency, time savings – and even the ability to recruit advisors with the promise of a better technology experience.

Investment portfolio management software also delivers equal treatment across clients, making it possible for firms to offer personalized investment strategies to clients.

In a nutshell, it provides firms with the power to implement and execute a good investment plan.

Also consider that personalized investing is on the rise. Great tech allows advisors to provide the customized experience that clients are coming to expect more and more. Without the right software, RIA firms risk building personalized investing on a foundation of inefficiencies instead of something scalable.

Open API Opportunities

Investment portfolio management software also offers the opportunity for open API integrations, which helps firms optimize their tech solutions and achieve greater functionality – without the need for additional systems.

Open APIs allow for integrations with a wide range of partners, allowing firms to more efficiently sync data across their entire tech stack.

Did You Know: At Flyer, our customers can access a wide range of APIs for trading, order, allocation and portfolio management.

How Can Investment Portfolio Management Software Benefit Your Financial Institution?

Using Investment portfolio management software can bring many benefits to your organization, including lower costs, higher operational efficiency and the ability to attract (and retain) better advisors. It also enables you to offer personalized investment strategies and deliver equal treatment across clients with best execution capabilities.

To provide the best possible experience for your clients, look for systems that offer real-time data, transparent investment information, personalization and self-service options, document sharing and improved collaboration with clients and internal stakeholder

A software solution like Flyer Co-Pilot delivers just that experience, turning cumbersome manual processes into a seamless experience at each touchpoint.

Flyer’s Co-Pilot facilitates integrations with custodians, portfolio accounting platforms and trading destinations to simplify and streamline even the most complex trading operations.

Flyer’s Co-Pilot provides a robust suite of trade creation tools, as well as:

  • Customizable order blocking
  • Algorithmic trading
  • Complex post-trade allocation handling
  • Secure access to client information and data insights
  • And more

With investment portfolio management software, your firm can scale great client experiences, encourage innovation and enable greater functionality – without the need for additional systems. For more about PMS, check out our Guide to Portfolio Management Software.

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