Building the Future of Wealth Management: A Look at Flyer’s India Office

Building the Future of Wealth Management: A Look at Flyer’s India Office

By Danielle Helfand

Here at Flyer, we’re dedicated to powering the modern investment manager. Our team of software engineers is focused on building the tools to do just that.

Along that journey, we leverage not just cutting-edge advancements, but also the brilliance of diverse teams across the globe. Besides our U.S. headquarters in New York, did you know we also have an office in Hyderabad, India?

That commitment to global collaboration was further emphasized by an on-site team-building visit to our India office. Randy Prager, our Chief Technology Officer, and Scott Scherr, Flyer’s Managing Director/Head of Product Strategy, touched down in Hyderabad to strengthen ties between our international teams and gain valuable insights into the advanced work being done there.

Today, we’re giving you an inside look to the Hyderabad team – including how it came to fruition, the growth we’ve achieved since its inception, and what the future holds for our India-based team. Let’s dive in!

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Randy Prager, Chief Technology Officer, visited Flyer’s Hyderabad location in November 2023.

Meet Flyer’s India Office

Flyer established an office In Hyderabad, India, late 2010 with just 6 employees. Today, the Hyderabad team has over 40 employees with efforts focused on software development, testing and support, QA and technical operations. Over the past two years, the team has grown by 40 percent.

That engineering team plays a crucial role in the development of our flagship products, including Co-Pilot, CertiFlyer, and FIX enterprise software that includes the FIX engine and Daytona monitoring tool.

Hyderabad, India

Located in southern India, Hyderabad is the capital of the Telangana state. Hyderabad’s high population, rich history, and technology-minded culture make it the city of choice for many top-talented engineers and other professionals.

Estimated Population: 9,482,000
Established: 1591
Official Languages: Telugu, Urdu

Flyer’s Hyderabad team has expanded by 40% in the last two years – and continues to grow.

The “Why” Behind Our Global Presence

As home to many technologists and financial experts, Flyer’s Hyderabad location allows us to tap into local talent and stay ahead of the curve via deep insights into financial markets. With access to this exceptional talent pool, we can accelerate our innovation and technical development in wealth management and trading technologies to better serve our clients.

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Specifically, our India office specializes in engineering tailored software solutions, tools, and platforms designed purely for investment managers. With our team in Hyderabad, we deliver on our promise of providing the highest level of technology and services to the wealth management industry.

With a global team who can cooperate between our India and United States locations, Flyer can coordinate  continuous work by spreading teams across various time zones. When Team A is clocking out for the day, Team B is just getting started – and projects are passed between the two without a significant delay.

Looking Forward: What’s Next for Flyer’s India Office?

The India office has witnessed significant growth, expanding by an impressive 40% in the past two years. In that same timespan, the number of employees has jumped from 30 to 42 – and continues to grow.

As Flyer evolves its services and products, we will also continue to add new members to our teams, enhancing the engineering capabilities across our Development, Quality Assurance, and Operations teams along the way.

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Our India office is a cornerstone of our global presence. With its exceptional talent and innovative spirit, this team plays a pivotal role in shaping the future of financial technology. As we continue to grow our services through innovative solutions, we recognize the hard work of Flyer’s global teams – and hope to visit again soon!

We are always looking for talented individuals to join our team. Click here to see our open positions and to submit your resume.