Flyer Unveils Brand Refresh, Platform Updates, and Strategic New Hires

Flyer Unveils Brand Refresh, Platform Updates, and Strategic New Hires

By Brian Ross, CEO, Flyer

NEW YORK, NY – SEPTEMBER 21, 2021 Flyer, a leading provider of cloud-based trading applications, APIs, and infrastructure, today announced a brand refresh as Flyer Financial Technologies (FlyerFT). Over the last six years, FlyerFT has expanded its sophisticated trading solutions. The company now powers many of the industry’s leading platforms and trading desks. Reflecting the growth and momentum of the company, the new name better captures the full scope of the services FlyerFT offers to the greater trading ecosystem.

“We’re thrilled to unveil our refreshed brand,” said Flyer Financial Technologies CEO, Brian Ross. “This update reflects the evolution of the firm, which is increasingly focused on best-in-class portfolio trading GUIs, APIs and connectivity.”

In conjunction with the refresh, FlyerFT also released several new updates to their cloud-native portfolio trading platform, Co-Pilot. The major platform enhancements include key areas of innovation that focus on multi-account customization and scalable workflows that allow customers to better control their trading experiences and execute their investment strategy faster.

“Our mission at Flyer Financial Technologies is to provide the industry with the most effective tools to trade, from sophisticated order execution processing to post-trade handling.” explained Bradley Kellogg, CFO of Flyer Financial Technologies. “These Co-Pilot updates further enhance that mission with the continuous improvement of execution management and usability.”

The updated platform includes:

Percentage-Based Trading: Users will be able to streamline non-model trading across an account (or group of accounts), and have the ability to buy and sell securities to percent-based or value-based targets.

Pre-Trade Review: This functionality provides a final checkpoint when performing trade operations. This feature also allows users to automatically identify negative cash in accounts, manage any compliance issues/trading exceptions, and provide notice of wash sale violations.

Cash Rebalancing: The platform can rebalance a portfolio specifically to reach model cash targets. This could limit the number of transactions proposed while fully investing any excess cash.

These new features will continue to propel growth of Co-Pilot’s order management system which currently processes over 700,000 daily trades across 3,000,000 managed investor accounts.

To help continue FlyerFT’s growth trajectory, the company has added three strategic hires to the team: Shannon Rosic, VP of Marketing, Scott Scherr, Managing Director of Trading and Execution Technologies, and Dylan Steeves, VP of Account Management. Combined, Shannon, Scott and Dylan bring decades of industry experience, and will focus on the expansion and enhancement of the organization’s core brand components.

“We’re excited to welcome Shannon, Dylan, and Scott to the Flyer Financial Technologies team,” said Ross. “Their expertise and background fit precisely with the direction we are heading, and we can’t wait to see what we’ll accomplish together.”

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Flyer Financial Technologies is a leading provider of portfolio trading tools, connectivity, and infrastructure for the wealth management industry. FlyerFT automates the portfolio trade management lifecycle with Co-Pilot, an order management system, and the Flyer Trading Network, a multi-asset trading network. The platform unifies access to major custodians and brokers while providing intelligent Graphical User Interfaces (GUIs) and Application Programming Interface (APIs) for managing portfolios, positions, orders, trades, and allocations.

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