Flyer Adds Cryptos to Managed FIX

Flyer Adds Cryptos to Managed FIX

By Charles Kozler

Connect and Trade via FIX for Bitcoin, Ripple, and other cryptocurrencies
Flyer is the first mainstream vendor to offer FIX-based services into the crypto world based on the same award-winning platform that currently powers 100’s of FIX infrastructures. Cryptocurrencies are a natural extension of the FIX protocol and a straightforward deployment with Flyer’s platform and managed services.

Advantages for you, as an RIA, Buy-Side, Sell-Side firm, as well as crypto-exchanges and other crypto vendors:

Simplify your Cryptocurrency exchange connections for trade and post-trade transactions and market data flow with Flyer Trading Network (FTN)
Use a familiar solution – FTN – to connect your OMS to Crypto world
FTN can quickly and securely connect you with any crypto marketplace with our Rules of Engagement (ROE)
Offer real-time cryptocurrency services to your clients with minimal changes to your business processes and infrastructure
Receive, aggregate and normalize trade information from multiple crypto (and non-crypto) exchanges in a single feed
Bring best-in-class security solutions to your cryptocurrency trading services.
Flyer’s Crypto Gateway is proven technology; in use today by crypto exchanges providers.

Trading in Cryptocurrencies has moved from Main Street to Wall Street.  Buy-side firms are offering products and funds based on cryptocurrencies while sell-side brokers are making markets and launching gateways for cryptos.  In addition, the CBOE hosts a Bitcoin futures contract making bitcoin the first underwritten cryptocurrency.

Given the rush to Bitcoin and other cryptos such as Ether and Litecoin, the financial industry is in a scramble to take advantage of this new asset class and figure out how cryptos fit into their business model.

Flyer has been providing solutions to connect asset managers, brokers, custodians, banks, and trading groups to make managers more productive and successful. Flyer has automated the trade lifecycle with a trade order management system and a multi-asset trading network with advanced monitors.  Our platform unifies access to all brokers and custodians while delivering access to algorithmic step out trading with straightforward back office integrations.

Flyer’s Cryptocurrency Solution
A key feature of Flyer’s existing modular platform is the inclusion of FIX Gateways to allow any asset class and ROE to be rapidly implemented with minimum impact to existing services. Flyer’s commitment to agility treats cryptocurrencies as it would any asset class while allowing maximum customization, integration, and as always, security specific to the new asset class.

Flyer’s Crypto Gateway is an out-of-the-box extension of its robust connectivity platform. Existing Flyer customers can deploy crypto solutions as easily as any other asset class, while new customers can offer crypto solutions with a full support stack including all the robust tools needed such as monitoring via Daytona, automated onboarding and certification with Certiflyer, order management and routing with Flyer Online, and the ability to implement customized trading algorithms with Flyer’s FIX engine and risk gateway.

Above all, connectivity is key.  Flyer’s trading network (FTN) offers instant access to 100’s of brokers including cryptocurrency exchanges already certified and in production.

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