FIX Flyer Wins Hackathon Award at FUSE 2017

FIX Flyer Wins Hackathon Award at FUSE 2017

By Charles Kozler

Flyer Wins Best Integration Business Intelligence Award at Orion’s FUSE 2017 conference
September 9, 2017

Park City, Utah — Each year, the best software developers in FinTech attend the FUSE ( conference to build new integrations and change the technology experience for investment advisors everywhere. This year’s challenge was to integrate with Insight, Orion’s interactive client presentation tool.

At the end of the hackathon, Flyer emerged with the award for Best Business Intelligence Integration ( by integrating with Orion Advisor’s Insight platform and Flyer Trading Network to provide better trade transparency. Flyer’s integration analyzes and quantifies the hidden transaction costs of sub-optimal trading practices and processes, impacting a client’s portfolio performance.

Flyer sends out a big ‘Thank you’ to Orion Advisors for allowing Flyer to take up the challenge and bring home the award.

Read more about Flyer’s Wealth Management Solutions here.

About FIX Flyer
FIX Flyer connects wealth and asset managers to brokers and custodians to make managers more productive and successful. Flyer has automated the trade lifecycle with a trade order management system and a multi-asset trading network with advanced integration monitors. The platform unifies access to all custodians and brokers and delivers access to algorithmic step out trading with straight forward back office integrations and real-time insights in trading and positions.