05.24.22 | Shannon Rosic

FlyerFT is all about delivering cloud-based trading tools that help execute your investment strategy faster — and the firm’s Vice President of Marketing, Shannon Rosic, is about to tell you all about it in this inaugural episode of In the Money.

Shannon unveils everything you need to know about her and her career in the FinTech industry. She explores who FlyerFT’s serves, what’s to come at the firm, and their mission to help advisors and asset managers understand how technology is transforming the WealthTech sector.

Shannon discusses:

  • How she got her start in FinTech
  • FlyerFT’s vision and her role within the company
  • The firm’s rebranding process
  • Ways Flyer leverages technology for faster and smarter investment decisions
  • And more!


Connect with Shannon Rosic:

About Your Host:

Shannon Rosic serves as Flyer Financial Technologies’ Vice President of Marketing. Shannon has spent her career in the Wealth Management space, specifically helping media firms and fintech companies grow their marketing initiatives. Known in the industry as “Gadget Girl” from her time at InvestmentNews, her passion is storytelling and designing a cohesive brand experience through creative and innovative marketing efforts.



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