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Wealth management

With Co-Pilot’s capabilities integrated into Tamarac’s comprehensive platform, Tamarac clients benefit from increased efficiencies and streamlined operations for managing accounts and trading on behalf of their clients. Co-Pilot enables trading with multiple custodians and brokers through a centralized OMS and the Flyer Trading Network, an advanced, multi-asset trade and allocation network. Advisors have enhanced order blocking and trade away capabilities, direct access to broker algorithms and fully integrated post-trade processing with an agile allocation engine.

“We are excited for this partnership with Flyer to offer advanced trading solutions to RIAs looking to improve their processes and better serve their clients. By partnering with the best tech solution companies in the wealth management industry, we are creating opportunities for RIAs to take advantage of our suite of technology solutions, with our open API structure, that best fits their business needs.”

Andina Anderson, Executive Managing Director, Envestnet | Tamarac.

Flyer’s integration with Morningstar Total Rebalance Expert (TRX) will make it easier for advisors to seamlessly route and manage orders across their brokers, eliminating time-consuming manual processes and giving them the freedom to get more done.

“Integrating Flyer’s trade and connectivity platform to TRX saves time, eliminates manual processing, reduces errors, and provides advisors with a real-time view on trade flow with custodians and brokers. It gives them a chance to focus on what’s really important—helping clients reach their goals.”

Rahul Ravikrishnan, Senior Product Manager,

Eliminate all manual work as part of the trading process. Advisor no longer has to manually manipulate trade files or generate custom post-trade files for trade allocation processing. Advisors send both orders and allocations directly to the custodian via the Orion integration to the Flyer Trading Network.

“Together with Flyer, we’re making it easier for advisors to trade by providing equity and mutual fund electronic access to custodians and brokers using the FTN API. Flyer simply takes care of the rest for us.”

Trent Mumma, Chief Strategy Officer, Orion Advisor Tech

Trading Automation is now seamless for the hundreds of advisors managing billions of dollars of assets on AutoPilot. Connected Trading automates trading by eliminating the need for spreadsheets, file uploads and manual account allocations at each custodian. It turns 7 steps into one, saving 80% of the time spent on manual trading. Now you can be more efficient, fair and in control when trading.

Optimize Your Automation Trading

“We are very excited to partner with Flyer on Connected Trading. We believe a big part of ‘risk done right’ is keeping client accounts on target with ‘trading done right.’ We’re excited to deliver Flyer’s advanced trading network and APIs to help Riskalyze reinvent how advisors trade.”

Aaron Klein, CEO, Riskalyze

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Capital markets

F1 monitors liquidity and exposure for each broker with per-order and aggrregate risk checks at the firm, account and product level based on the FIX messaging. This centralized platform provides MexDer the necesary control and insight across its electronic market.

Our members expect continued growth in volume and this can put strains on our trading infrastructure. Here, we implemented a solution that will allow us to embrace the future as the market is evolving quickly. FIX Flyer understood our challenges and delivered a solution that will set new high standards in electronic trading for the whole world to see.”

Jose Miguel De Dios, Chief Operating, MexDer

CI provides execution services to its clients with enhanced visibiity into the markets and accessing liquidity intelligently. CI navigates the complex market with an aggregated and noramlized market data feed using Flyer’s feed handlers and offers fast and intelligent routing to the markets with the Flyer smart order router — faciliating best execution.

We chose FIX Flyer because of their excellent reputation servicing the local broker dealer community in Mexico and the rest of Latin America. FIX Flyer gives us the solutions to support our clients at the highest levels of service for electronic trading.”

Mauricio Suarez, Head of Electronic Trading, CI Casa de Bolsa

CertiFlyer provides with continuous testing and quality control of all FIX workflows across all of the asset manager’s OMSes for all of their asset classes

“CertiFlyer continues to help the firm save time and money with its vast and expansive test library and by being accessible 24×7.”

Lead Engineer, Electronic Trading Technology


ASX has made FIX onboarding significantly quicker and simpiler for itself and brokers with automation. With the new ASX configuration using Daytona, brokers now independently validate their conformance with ASX’s rules of engagement resulting in higher success rates and faster conformance testing– all with reducing the burden on both the ASX and broker teams.

“No simulator is a substitute for testing against the actual platform. With Daytona, we were able to complete conformance testing of every one of our customers ahead of schedule and with high confidence.”

David Raper, Executive General Manager,
Trading Services – ASX

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