Asset class

Fixed income

It is critical for advisors to gain access to, and easily allocate directly into the fixed income asset class to meet the demands and needs of their clients, yet certain trading hurdles exist.

To address this need in the market, Flyer is introducing fixed income trading tools to its multi-asset trading platform, eliminating unnecessary time spent on manual trading processes.



With Co-Pilot, now advisors can:


Trade and allocate fixed income products by easing the pain points of middle and back office operations, eliminating cumbersome processes


Trade with any fixed income trading desk and settle trades directly in clients’ custodian accounts, all on the fastest growing trading network available


Manage orders and trade for equities, mutual funds and fixed income on a single platform

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Trade with more control and sophistication with access to tools like:

  • Order blocking
  • Characteristic-based order entry and order handling
  • CUSIP-based order entry and order handling
  • Order routing, direct to custodians and trade away to executing brokers
  • Trade capture, support for manual execution

Optimize middle and back office operations by utilizing:

  • Allocation generation and transmission automation
  • Allocation across multiple accounts and brokers

Tap into Flyer’s trading APIs to gain:

  • Electronic access to custodians, brokers and ECNs (ie, Tradeweb, MarketAccess)
  • Direct connections to major custodians for both trading and post-trade processing
  • Integrations with other platforms

As technology evolves, advisors are looking for ways to seamlessly incorporate fixed income products into investor portfolios to diversify securities and mitigate risk. Co-Pilot is the solution.

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