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EDGE 2024 Interview with Erkko Etula

By Danielle Helfand

Flyer FT’s Rusty Sommer and Erkko Etula, CEO and Co-Founder of Brooklyn Investment Group, delve into the realm of financial advisors who excel in delivering unique solutions through tax alpha while attaining both operational scale and alpha.

Join Rusty and Erkko as they discuss the intricacies of the advisory landscape, exploring how certain advisors manage to carve out a niche by offering strategies that not only optimize tax efficiency but also enhance overall financial portfolio performance. They dissect the strategies and methodologies employed by these advisors, shedding light on how they navigate the complexities of tax laws and regulations to the benefit of their clients. They examine the pivotal role that operational efficiency plays in enabling advisors to scale their operations while maintaining a high level of service and performance.

The conversation highlights the importance of innovation and adaptability in the wealth management space, illustrating how forward-thinking advisors are able to stay ahead of the curve and deliver tangible value to their clients in an ever-evolving financial landscape.