4 Questions on Fintech Trends With Brian Ross Of Flyer

4 Questions on Fintech Trends With Brian Ross Of Flyer

By Charles Kozler

Flyer CEO, Brian Ross talks with Financial Advisor Magazine about fintech trends including innovation, areas of growth over the next five years and problems facing the fintech industry.

Top Insights:

  • “Many advisors do not have the trading technology in place to efficiently react to opportunities in the market. Especially during heightened volatility, it is critical to minimize time between order generation and order fulfillment ensuring fair and equitable execution prices when the market is moving.”
  • “As advisors scale and adopt more sophisticated investment strategies, they will in turn require more sophisticated trading systems and tools to maintain competitive advantage.”
  • “APIs will be the critical delivery mechanism that allow customization and interoperability between systems, so firms will not need to deploy one-size-fits-all products.”

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