Verify and Optimize Your Trading Workflows with CertiFlyer

Verify and Optimize Your Trading Workflows with CertiFlyer

By Scott Scherr, Managing Director

In the 1980s, one of President Ronald Reagan’s favorite phrases was “Trust, but verify.” He used it when talking about U.S. relations with the then-Soviet Union.

And while the phrase itself may be as out of fashion as a cassette tape deck, the idea behind it is still something financial advisors and their compliance teams know well: It’s OK to trust the technology empowering your team and helping you work more efficiently, but you frequently need to perform checks to make sure everything is working as it should.

This is especially important in one particular area — trading workflows. But how do you optimize your trading workflows and run tests and simulations?

With CertiFlyer, trading technology partners and buy/sell-side firms can have that confidence that your trading process is working as it should.

What is CertiFlyer

Every wealthtech user and developer wants to have a high-quality portfolio and trade management solution that has flexible integration capabilities and helps them achieve the fastest time to market delivery while also helping to prevent trading errors and solution failures.

And CertiFlyer is the solution that tests trading workflows for buy/sell-side applications in order to validate that the entire process is working seamlessly.

A comprehensive, cloud-based trading workflow simulation solution, CertiFlyer decreases the time and energy to validate trading workflows by removing the need to schedule testing sessions with multiple technology partners.

CertiFlyer is asset-class agnostic and can mimic actual workflows and algorithms against thousands of complex scenarios and run end-to-end testing of the most complex application integrations. And as trading applications are upgraded and changed over time, CertiFlyer offers run app-based regression testing to ensure that new or improved modules are behaving as expected.

How CertiFlyer Helps You

While all users of a trading platform and your clients ultimately are helped by CertiFlyer, trading operations and support teams at buy/sell-side firms and application developers and QA testers at technology providers can benefit.

Top Benefits for Buy/Sell-Side Firms

Time and accuracy are both key for buy/sell-side firms when it comes to trading workflows. CertiFlyer ensures confidence in your trade order management processes by offering these top benefits:

  • Preventing trading errors and solution failures: CertiFlyer’s end-to-end testing allows your firm to stress test your order management system (OMS) with executions or various message types. Plus, you will have access to current broker and custodian simulated interfaces.
  • Real-time reporting: CertiFlyer allows you to not only identify but also report in real time any application issues. This helps keep your portfolio and trade management solution “bug”-free so you and your team can focus on what they do best — trading — and not worry about your operations grinding to a halt because of issues with routing through multiple application integrations.
  • Unified platform: Because CertiFlyer allows you to run all testing for your applications and integrations in a single platform, your team saves time from having to schedule testing sessions in multiple systems. Plus, CertiFlyer is a web-based solution, so you don’t have to do any uploading or downloading.

Top Benefits for Technology Providers

CertiFlyer isn’t only for asset managers, though. It also delivers a range of benefits for advisor technology firms.

Getting your team more time to spend on adding business value and providing a better user experience are priorities for trading platform providers. With CertiFlyer, your team can realize these top benefits:

  • Greater transparency throughout the development cycle: CertiFlyer allows 24/7 access to the test environment so that your developers and QA testers have better control over application testing during multi-sprint and release development cycles.
  • Increased collaboration: A unified platform provides multiple users access to a single testing and encourages collaboration. CertiFlyer also offers real-time reporting of bugs and issues to help your team identify and address issues quickly.
  • More satisfied clients: CertiFlyer’s trade workflow testing allows your team to run complex simulations in your platform, helping to cut down on overall errors and solution failures while also having the confidence to build and offer application enhancements of superior quality.

Get Started

CertiFlyer has conducted many test cases to date and can offer annual cost savings. Ready to test smarter with CertiFlyer?

Download the CertiFlyer fact sheet, and contact our Flyer sales team to learn more about pricing options.


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