LifeYield’s WealthTech On Deck Podcast

LifeYield’s WealthTech On Deck Podcast

By Brian Ross, CEO, Flyer

In this episode, Jack Sharry talks with Brian Ross, CEO of Flyer Financial Technologies. Brian started as an engineer with JPL and NASA, but has always been interested in fintech. At BlackRock he helped build a software company that specialized in commercial mortgage-backed securities and commercial loans. Now, with Flyer, Brian is focused on building trading technology that brings together major custodians and brokers through APIs.

Brian talks with Jack about the three essential approaches to smart trading and how integrating APIs can create powerful trading platforms. “Tech, tech, tech… use it for strategic advantage to help your clients. This can include everything—from the cloud to APIs to personalization. If you’re not doing these things, you will be missing the next train to Clarksville.” ~ @bwilsonross


Main Takeaways


Your trading expertise can reach more people if you consider bundling and offering APIs. APIs and open platforms are not just the future of wealth tech, but also banking and other industries.

Three qualities that pave the way for smart trading are :

1) Shortening the time from investment decision to implementation

2) Identifying opportunities with liquidity

3) Avoiding market orders

Tech leadership is a vital skill that the finance industry needs to better serve clients. The best-of-breed platform can be integrated efficiently and can be used as a strategic advantage in all facets of the business.

With APIs, you can do portfolio trading quickly and handle multiple assets, even in different asset classes. In addition, it’s also easier to secure partnerships and get deals with longer terms.


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