How Flyer’s APIs Enhance FIX Enterprise Trading Software

How Flyer’s APIs Enhance FIX Enterprise Trading Software

By Scott Scherr, Managing Director

As an enterprise firm, off-the-shelf wealthtech solutions just don’t seem to cut it. You have unique needs that can’t be met by most turnkey offerings. Building your own custom application is often the only way you can get everything you need in a software, especially for trading.

When it comes to your tech stack, you have to make the best decision in the interest of your firm just like you have to make decisions in the best interest of your clients as a fiduciary.

So if you’re looking to make a fiduciary decision for your firm’s tech, you’ll need to consider what exactly you need in an enterprise trading software.

With Flyer’s open API architecture, you can get everything you need while reducing the technology spend associated with building, operating, and maintaining bespoke trading tools.

Let’s take a look at how Flyer’s open API architecture can enhance your enterprise trading software.

Flyer APIs

It’s absolutely critical for enterprise firms to be in control of their own data, and that’s exactly what you get with an open API-based enterprise trading software like Flyer that delivers FIX connections and more.

With Flyer APIs, including the Co-Pilot API, your firm can:

  • Connect all of your critical applications together into a single, centralized data source that then provides real-time information to advisors and traders.
  • Apply your own user experience by embedding trading into your custom, in-house application.
  • Centralize and optimize portfolio management, order management, and post-trade processing within your own platform in order to be fully in control of your trade cycle from allocation to execution and beyond.
  • Automate trading and post-trading with electronic access to custodians, sponsors, and brokers using the Flyer Trading Network.
  • Effectively outsource the complexity of trading and re-focus on your business.

With Flyer’s restful APIs, your developers will have the cloud-based tools they need to create easy and accessible trading experiences for your users within your own custom enterprise trading software.

FIX Engine

For firms needing enterprise-grade FIX software, Flyer’s FIX Engine has you covered.

FIX Engine is an uncompromising combination of fast and scalable tools that offers flexible deployment. So you can choose to have a standalone application, or embed into an existing trading application. There’s no need to trade latency for volume when you can have both.

FIX Engine is developer-friendly, providing an open module framework that allows your team the space and power they need to add customization and create an extensive network of new features. And FIX Engine supports all common APIs, which provides easy access and integration for any system so you can integrate traditional FIX messaging with the latest generation of computer and data platforms.

Testing and Certification

In order to ensure that your enterprise trade software is “bug”-free, Flyer’s CertiFlyer empowers you to test and certify your connectivity and OMS/EMS workflows. In addition to improving team collaboration and coordination by centralizing client onboarding in a single tool, CertiFlyer allows you to maintain quality management across your entire trading platform.

A full QA tool, CertiFlyer provides a way to simulate buy/sell-side counterparties using multi-protocols and import and certify FIX Rules of Engagement conformance. You can either automate or simply run end-to-end testing of application integrations, mimic actual workflows and algorithms against thousands of complex scenarios, and perform regression testing to ensure that app enhancements perform as expected before they hit the market.

Plus, your development team and users can identify and report real-time bugs or issues.


Flyer’s Daytona trade monitor enables visibility and management to be centralized into your enterprise FIX infrastructure without impacting your operations. With a simple integration, you can extend your reach with proactive detection and issue resolution thanks to automated alerts.

Daytona provides real-time monitoring and operational alerts for both your infrastructure and your FIX messaging. With workflow validation, users will be alerted to non-standard message flows. Plus, you can view FIX message workflows via an independent and searchable historical archives and generate reports for regulatory purposes or to analyze trends.


Flyer’s F1 multi-asset trade risk gateway puts you behind the wheel to control trading exposure for high-volume, low-latency order flow. With extensive order and position checks with visibility into client activity, F1 gives you both better control and more confidence in your trading.

Your firm can choose from a multi-operational configuration so that F1 operates as a FIX gateway in either a router or passive mode to seamlessly aggregate trades across accounts or underlying assets while applying customized risk templates.

F1 also has a web-based dashboard that provides visibility and sends alerts in real time. You can control what happens when risk checks are breached — from simply sending an alert or an automatic reject to pausing workflows so that manual intervention can step in.

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Here at Flyer, we’ve earned a reputation as the leading provider of SaaS-based enterprise trading software because our tech is built with modern, industry-leading API infrastructure that creates better trading experiences for every user at your firm and makes data sharing easier.

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