Top 5 Benefits of the Flyer Trading Network

Top 5 Benefits of the Flyer Trading Network

By Mark Bevington

When it comes to portfolio management & trading, there’s no room for “maybe’s.”

Order routing networks provide the wealth management industry with significant advantages for optimizing portfolio management and trading practices. These sophisticated networks are best designed to streamline and fortify the execution of orders and allocations.  Trading networks provide an array of benefits that empower wealth managers to offer their clients a superior level of service while delivering optimal investment outcomes.

Luckily, we’ve got you covered with our state-of-the-art order routing network. Welcome to Flyer Trading Network (FTN).

Here are the key benefits for a wealth manager:

1.  Access to Multiple Custodians and Brokers

Wealth managers and their service providers such as TAMPs can access a wide range of custodians, brokers and asset classes through an order routing network. This access allows for diversification of investment portfolios and the ability to implement a broad range of investment strategies, catering to clients’ unique financial goals and risk tolerance by accessing multiple asset classes including options, bonds, mutual funds and alternatives allows wealth managers to manage client risks. An added bonus is the ability to “trade away” for better pricing.

2. Efficiency

Order routing networks automate the order execution and post-trade notification process, reducing the time and effort required for manual order entry and allocation processing. Wealth managers can electronically submit orders and allocations, which are then routed to the appropriate destination. This automation streamlines operations and minimizes the risk of human errors. Efficient operations will be more critical as the equity market moves to T+1 settlement.

3. Risk Management

Another consideration is the risk management tools and features built-in the network, such as the bundling of Flyer Trading Network and F1, FlyerFT’s leading risk gateway.  F1 helps wealth managers monitor and control risk exposure, set trading limits, and perform pre-trade risk checks. This ensures that trades align with clients’ risk profiles and investment objectives.

4. Compliance and Reporting

Routing networks often include robust compliance and reporting capabilities. Wealth managers can use these features to track and document their trading activities, ensuring adherence to regulatory requirements and internal compliance policies. Detailed trade reports and audit trails, including timestamps, order details, and execution results enhance transparency and accountability.

5. Customization

Many order routing networks can be customized to meet the specific needs and preferences of wealth managers and their clients. This flexibility allows for tailored solutions that align with investment goals and strategies. For instance, the Flyer Trading Network allows for wealth managers to gain the benefits of the order routing network while still using existing procedures, such as creating orders and allocations using spreadsheet files.

Fuel Your Practice with the Flyer Trading Network

These benefits ultimately contribute to the delivery of higher-quality investment services and better outcomes for clients. It’s crucial for wealth managers to choose an order routing network that aligns with their specific requirements.

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